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Lightages Supporter Posts: Country: Canadian po. I don't need to do a full review on this Brymen BM There are three other references to this multimeter series, BM86X, from other sources.

The following are detailed examples. The price was much better than anything else with this build quality and specification. I purchased mine from a company in Poland mainly because I could not find it available to be shipped to me anywhere else. It is built very well with thick and tough feeling materials.

brymen bm839

The Rubber holster is nice and "rubbery" unlike many of the cheap feeling PVC plastic holsters. Everything on the outside of the meter is easy to read and understand. The selector dial is a bit small, but feels pretty good and you can't easily get it stuck between selections. Actually I was not able to get it in between settings. Yes this meter is big and heavy.

On the inside, it matches the quality of the feel on the outside. The layout of the input protection is a little messy, but nothing that makes me uncomfortable. The only thing that might be a shortcoming is that the battery wires run through a hole near the input jack for the high amp range.

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Is this a problem? I don't think so in this case as this meter comes with a UL rating pass label. I am confident that it actually has been tested and passed its ratings.

The Uni-T UT71E has this same battery wire arrangement and maybe it isn't a problem for it neither, but the rest of the meter does not meet its CAT ratings in many obvious ways. If I want to feel safe when using a meter, this BM is definitely the one I will reach for. All of the case seems to be sealed with rubber seals and o-rings. If not water tight, it is definitely very dust proof.The high performing BM is a full size DMM with high resolution, dual screen and all sorts of useful features.

Brymen is noted for its solid designs and attention to detail and the affordability of the BM makes it a great Fluke alternative. The Brymen BM is a large multimeter, wider than most others on account of its super-large resolution. It is an auto-ranging, True RMS meter with voltage filtering, making it ideal for accurately troubleshooting variable speed drives and non-sinusoidal waveforms. In addition to this, it has a fast continuity mode with a clear, latching beep.

The record feature allows you to data log to an extent and then send the data over to a PC with the extra USB cable. The software is intuitive and quite user friendly. Brymen generally produces quality meters and the BM is right up there for its build. Though perhaps not as sturdy as your typical Fluke, it nevertheless has a solid case and an integrated holster.

Brymen BM839 User Manual

The tilting bail is wide and makes for sturdy bench work, plus it can double as a hanger. The 9V battery can be changed via a rear panel, with the fuses accessed by removal of the case. The test probes are good quality, with nice grip and silicone leads. The tips have protective shrouds. Buttons are also similarly grippy and responsive, though the range selector switch is a bit small.

The main feature of the Brymen BM is definitely its display. It can measure tocounts in DC mode, or 50, counts in normal mode. The backlight is especially impressive, albeit it turns itself off after a few seconds to preserve the battery. This makes it great for picking up even minute fluctuations in a signal, much like a good analog meter would. Labels : It is perhaps not as clear as other Brymens, such as the BM, with quite a small dial and a lot going on.

The Brymen BM performs very well and is loaded with all kinds of functions, including a mA loop current monitor. Both the continuity and auto ranging are quick, plus you have the option to switch over to manual ranging. It has an auto shut-off to help save the battery. This kicks in after around 15 minutes of non-use. This is thus an industrial strength meter, able to measure systems at source and everything behind it, including switch gear.

brymen bm839

Both are quick blow and rated to V. The Brymen BM review has an industrial grade meter from a top brand noted for their attention to detail on build, performance, speed and safety. The BM is one of their top products, having all the functionality and reliability of an equivalent Fluke, together with a very high resolution display.

Key Features Size: 8. Display The main feature of the Brymen BM is definitely its display. Function and Performance The Brymen BM performs very well and is loaded with all kinds of functions, including a mA loop current monitor.Welcome, Guest.

Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? This topic This board Entire forum Google Bing. Print Search. Read times. I wanted to check why you still would want to buy Fluke, if Brymen is cheaper and as good. Would it be because you have worked with Fluke many years, and want to stay with your brand? Nostalgic reasons? Or do you prefer American products over products made in Taiwan?

Would you stay with Fluke, as price is not an issue, because your employer pays the bill? What other reasons? Let the discussion round begin! Brymen versus Fluke: to start with.

brymen bm839

Muxr Super Contributor Posts: Country:. Fuke has a better build quality and better resale value. Also you can't get a Brymen in the US through official channels.

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So it was also cheaper than Brymen. Hydrawerk Super Contributor Posts: Country:. Amazing machines. Rolo Regular Contributor Posts: Country:.

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Yes if funds are no issue. Lightages Supporter Posts: Country: Canadian po.Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? This topic This board Entire forum Google Bing. Print Search. No problem with a 'brand' except suppliers for Greenlee are either asking a really high price or they are a bit sketchy.

I have not exhausted all opportunities but it does seem to me a market opportunity is being missed by Brymen and Greenlee to have a high profile seller promote this product and of course not require gigantic margins.

Visit forum member Franky's eBay Store. Lightages Supporter Posts: Country: Canadian po. Fsck Super Contributor Posts: Country: sleep deprived. Quote from: Lightages on July 16,am. Home Depot might carry some Greenlee? Ebay is always another option. It took a lot of will power not to hit the buy button.

Multimeter review / buyers guide / comparison: Brymen TBM867 vs Fluke 87-V

Some Brymencount multimeters are also sold under the Amprobe banner AM Or Extech MMA. The same goes for non USA sellers. Only you can decide if that is important or not. I will probably order from one of these two. Quote from: mtdoc on July 16,am.

Yes that Yokogawa is a good deal if you don't mind used and no warranty. It is probably no real worry but who knows? Quote from: retiredcaps on July 16,am. A bit of an unusual end but I did end up buying that Yokogawa meter. My application was to do some long-term datalogging and I kept thinking about that 9V battery of the Brymen and how I only use those in my smoke detectors now. The Yokogawa from ebay was in totally new condition and I have checked most of the functions, comparing it to my Agilent UA.

The functionality seems really similar although I prefer the user interface of the Agilent - being biased somewhat as I am used to it. The display on the Agilent meter is really nice and readable from any angle even to the extreme. The display on the Yokogawa is horrible. I has been mentioned elsewhere.

brymen bm839

Good thing I intend to use it mostly for logging and review of the data by PC. I would never pick it up versus the other meters I have.

I would think generally the Brymen is a better buy and as already noted can easily be purchased from Franky's store or tme. There was an error while thanking. SMF 2. EEVblog on Youtube.Also See for BM User manual - 24 pages.

Page of 24 Go. Table of Contents. Insulation tester combination multimeter 24 pages. Page 2 1 SAFETY This manual contains information and warnings that must be followed for operating the meter safely and maintaining the meter in a safe operating condition. If the meter is used in a manner not specified by the manufacturer, the protection provided by the meter may be impaired. Do not dispose of this product as unsorted municipal waste.

Contact a qualified recycler Caution! Refer to the explanation in this Manual Caution! Please refer to your particular model for function availability. Last selection will be saved as power up default for repeat measurement convenience. BeepLit Continuity function is having improved convenience for checking wiring connections and operation of switches.

Brymen BM829s Multimeter

Large value capacitors should be discharged through an appropriate resistance load. Normal forward voltage drop forward biased for a good silicon diode is between 0. A reading higher than that indicates a leaky diode defective. A zero reading indicates a shorted diode defective.

Note: Be sure to insert the banana plug type-K temperature bead probe Bkp60 with correct polarities. Backlighted display Press the button for 1 second or more to toggle the LCD backlight.

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The backlight will also be turned off automatically after approximate 10 minutes to extend battery life. Page 12 Hold The hold feature freezes the display for later view.

Press the HOLD button momentarily to toggle the hold feature. Page 13 functions, especially voltage function, is selected. Turn the rotary switch OFF and then back on to resume. Page 14 Battery and Fuse replacement Battery use: Four 1. Dimension: 10 x 38 mm Battery and Fuse replacement: Loosen the screws from the access cover of the case bottom. However, if BRYMEN determines that the failure was caused by misused, altered, neglected, or damaged by accident or abnormal conditions of operation or handling, you will be billed for the repair.

This manual is also suitable for: Bm Comments to this Manuals Your Name:. Enter text from picture:. Latest comments:. Print page 1 Print document 24 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign in OR. Don't have an account?

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Brymen BM839 Manuals

Restore password.Brymen BMs Digitalmultimeter. EURDE Soweit nicht anders vereinbart, wird der Einbeziehung gegebenenfalls von Ihnen verwendeter eigener Bedingungen widersprochen. Soweit Sie als Zahlungsart ein Sofortzahl-System z. Erfolgt die Weiterleitung zu dem jeweiligen Sofortzahl-System, nehmen Sie dort die entsprechende Auswahl bzw. Eingabe Ihrer Daten vor. Wir unterbreiten Ihnen hierzu ein verbindliches Angebot in Textform z.

Sie haben deshalb sicherzustellen, dass die von Ihnen bei uns hinterlegte E-Mail-Adresse zutreffend ist, der Empfang der E-Mails technisch sichergestellt und insbesondere nicht durch Spam-Filter verhindert wird.

Die Auswahl der freizugebenden Sicherheiten obliegt uns. Kundeninformationen 1. Vertragssprache, Vertragstextspeicherung 3. Vertragssprache ist deutsch. Die anfallenden Versandkosten sind nicht im Kaufpreis enthalten. Lieferbedingungen 6. Die zum Kauf beabsichtigten Waren werden im "Warenkorb" abgelegt. Ausschluss- bzw. EUR ,31 Sofort Kauf. EUR 99,90 Sofort Kauf. EUR ,00 Sofort Kauf. Craftsman 8 Function Digital Multimeter Fluke V Digital Industrial Multimeter Craftsman 8 Function Multimeter Digital Test Multimeters.

Fieldpiece Test Equipment Multimeters. HP Test Equipment Multimeters. Craftsman Test Equipment Multimeters. Innova Test Equipment Multimeters. AMP Industrial Multimeters.The Brymen BMs is a high performance multimeter that has no problem matching up to the expensive Fluke meters when it comes down to display, possibilities and accuracy.

Very accurate measurements can be read thanks to the ,count display that updates every 5 seconds. The BMs is fused for use up to V and can even measure to this value. Thanks to thecount display, the meter can accurately measure 2 decimals even at V. Within a very short time frame, Crest can measure and display the Min-Max values automatically. Some of the special measuring particulars of the multimeter include for example the high-speed capacitance measurements that allow readings of 25 mF within seconds.

The meter also offers standard support for the analogue mA measuring result that is used in some systems. The meter can also perform dual channel measurements. This enables connecting two thermocouples at the same time to perform two measurements simultaneously. In addition, the meter also offers support for measuring most VFDs. For this, the frequency and fundamental voltage are displayed simultaneously on the screen. When measuring currents, values up to 20 A can be measured for max 30 seconds.

Afterwards the meter needs to cool for 5 minutes. Write a review. Read all reviews 5. JavaScript seem to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. In Stock. Lowest price guaranteed. Details The Brymen BMs is a high performance multimeter that has no problem matching up to the expensive Fluke meters when it comes down to display, possibilities and accuracy.

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